Rebel, the betrayer

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, more than one of your companions keep secrets (with varying degrees of severity) from you and the other characters in the game. Some of these secrets are minor—out of protectiveness for their personal life or that of good friends—others keep big secrets because the truth is shameful. Solas’s secret in the game is plot-altering. The truth of his origin and involvement fundamentally changes interpretation of events in the main plot, as well as give new meaning to his words and actions. Plenty of hints are dropped throughout the game that Solas isn’t at all what he appears, and that he’s giving selective knowledge to you. Once the truth is revealed, an ulterior narrative emerges.


In this section I’ll be going over what the game’s epilogue reveals and the real fragments of his life Solas has hidden away throughout the main plot. The nuances revealed in his words and actions once you know his real identity adds a lot of layers to the plot, and is one of my favorite aspects of the game.