Apostate, the lone mage

Solas is one of the first main characters you encounter in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The story follows the Inquisitor, the sole survivor of the Conclave where Divine Justinia V, leader of the Chantry, had hoped to negotiate peace talks between the templars and mages. In promotional images, Solas is called "The Mind." The first time you speak to him, it is after the Inquisitor is tasked with going to the Temple of Sacred Ashes to try to close the rift in the sky, the tear in the Veil that has unleashed demons across Thedas.


He is unassuming and modestly downplays the role he had in taking care of the Inquisitor while he or she was unconscious after the explosion near Haven in the Temple of Sacred Ashes. As Solas has knowledge of the Fade, he helps examine the Anchor, the mysterious mark left on the Inquisitor's hand from the explosion, and what it could do to seal rifts in the Veil scattered across Thedas.