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Welcome to Oblivion, a character tribute and shrine to Solas from the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third installment in the Dragon Age series by Bioware. Solas is one the the main companion characters and romanceable options you can have in your playthrough as the Inquisitor, and your player race and gender can affect your ability to romance Solas. As an elven hedge mage, he is one of the earliest characters to join you, and through his own studies on magic and the spirit world, he offers his assistance in closing The Breach, the tear in the sky caused by an unknown enemy that has wrecked havoc on all of Thedas.

Throughout this shrine, I will be referring to the player character as "inquisitor" and "you" interchangeably, and reference specific player choices that involve Solas the most, including playing as a female elven inquisitor (officially surnamed "Lavellan"). Despite Dragon Age: Inquisition being a "blank slate" protagonist game, I will be focusing on the choices an inquisitor will have to make to best interact with Solas in the game. If you do not romance or even befriend Solas, it is entirely possible to experience a different playthrough.

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This site will contain massive spoilers, as it covers the entire story in Inquisition, so if you haven't yet played or finished the game and do not want to be spoiled, please be warned. The section portal pages (i.e. "apostate", "rebel", and "companion") will attempt to be as vague and unspoilery as possible, but they still may suggest spoilers. If you don't want any spoilers the safest path forward would be to exit this site altogether.